The Four Aspects of True Love, A Love Letter from a Yogi

The Four Aspects of True Love, A Love Letter from a Yogi

By Lauren Collins

In Yogic Philosophy, there are four elements of true love. In you, I find them all. 

Maitri, is the first. It translates to loving-kindness. With you, I know the pure benevolence of your soul. I feel the gentle kindness in the sweet admirations you whisper when when you kiss me in the morning. Maitri when you make sure my day begins and ends with you calling me beautiful, when you let me live everyday as beautiful as I am, kindness when reminding me to always walk in the direction that my heart tells me to, because that is the right direction. How thrilled I am that the path you choose to walk is parallel to mine, and that like an arrow shot from the archer, we ascend together in one unified direction. 

Karuna, the second element of True Love, illuminates compassion. In your words of encouragement I find your compassion most. In the moments you are most honest with me, from your years of observing me and your commitment to learning what makes me truly happy, I feel compassion.  Weather it is going to bed with the sunset, using an entire week’s groceries to make one giant pot of soup, or reminding me to paint and to climb, your commitment to understanding and empathising with my personal happiness is beyond words. Though you are not patient with coldness the world may offer, you pour your patience over me like warm healing water.  Every day, I get to experience your consideration from your deepest self shine in my direction, and even further. I feel your compassion, your karuna, carving a doorway forward in time when you consider my life-long happiness. And for this, I truly love you.

Mudita, the third element of True Love, means Joy. The Joy you bring me is immeasurable. They joy you commit to bringing others is more than memorable by every one who meets you. But the joy you choose to live life with, the joy you genuinely find in your appreciation for life itself, is so absolutely contagious. In your presence, sharing life with you is a journey of joy. Choosing a path with you every day is an adventure to discover as much joy as possible, to choose joy, to choose mudita. To be connected with you so deeply is celebration, and to know myself with you eternally is the truest bliss and the truest love.

Upkesha, equanimity and freedom, is the fourth and final element of True Love. Upkesha in the way you let me shine as bright as I am. Upkesha in the space you give me to grow. Upkesha in the light and water you make sure to provide to help me continuously blossom and flourish, never picking my petals, or harvesting my fruit selfishly. Upkesha in the way you openly admire and encourage my ever changing path and personality. Upkesha in the way you lift my spirit to freely be as big as it can. Upkesha in the way that I want all four aspects of true love, and more, for you. My promise to you is that you will always be so fully loved, so fully accepted and understood, so fully joyful, so fully the most you and the most celebrated for being only you. To get to love you purely is a path that couldn’t be more natural, and to choose life with you every day is the most honest love of all. 


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