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Really, actually, just stop. Everything. Press pause on life. Wouldn’t that be great, if even just for a few, blissful, minutes. But how?
Take a moment to imagine this. I’m serious. Close your eyes, sit straight, but comfortably. Pry your tense shoulders out of your ears and lower them to where they belong. Give your neck a little stretch. Take deep breaths, in for a count of four, pause for a heartbeat, then exhaling for a count of four.
Now imagine a television in front of you and a remote control in your hand. Envision your index finger pressing down on the pause button, then watch as the screen perhaps goes grey and fuzzy, or maybe visualize whatever is worrying you suddenly become frozen.  What do you hear? Silence, or perhaps the faint buzzing sound of energy swirling around you?
Try it now; it won’t take long.

What did you see or feel? There’s no wrong answer, this is merely an exercise, a little trick, to maybe help take you out of the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or …

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