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Know your limits
How far is too far? Where do you draw the line between challenging yourself and injury? 
I’m not sure which is worse sometimes when it comes to trying poses or classes that simply are not meant for your particular body; being a yoga teacher, or a yoga student.
It’s not uncommon to hear teachers encourage their students not to bend the knees, or to work through the pain, to give just a couple of examples. This is especially true depending on the type of yoga that you’re practicing.
I am registered to teach Hatha, restorative and chair yoga, as well as Yin yoga in the very near future.  I currently teach a chair yoga class to people fifty and over with some mobility issues.  I also teach Hatha to friends and family in one on one or small group settings and am fortunate enough to play around with whatever I feel like teaching or experimenting with.
The most important things I always say, regardless of what type of class I’m teaching, is to only do what feels good for the body…

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