Easy, Fun Yoga Sequence for Children Ages 1-3

Easy, Fun Yoga Sequence for Children Ages 1-3

Do your little ones love to join you while you're practicing yoga? Introducing yoga at a young age helps children develop confidence, compassion and calming techniques. It can also help with physical and mental development, and increase their flexibility and coordination. If your child shows interest in yoga, encourage it while they are engrossed before they no longer care to learn. Teaching them may be a bit difficult in the beginning because their attention span is very short and they get distracted easily.

They may not fully cooperate at first or do the poses correctly. But that's ok. Let them do their own variation of poses and then show them how to do it properly. When they don't quite get it right, tell them they are doing a great job anyway. They'll get it right eventually. Here's an easy sequence for you to try with your little ones.

Duration: 2.5-5 Minutes - try to have your child hold each pose for 30-60 seconds. Count with them to make it fun.

Child's Pose: Have your child sit on his/her heels and slowly bring his/her head towards the floor. He/she can rest the arms at the sides or above the head. You can have your child tap their hands on the floor and count to 30 or 60.

Garland Pose: Stand hip width apart and squat bringing your bottom close to the floor. Put your hands together and use your elbows to help keep those knees open. Kids like to clap, use this as an opportunity to make this pose fun. Clap and count to 30 or 60.

Random Fun Activity: Try a random, fun activity that allows them to do their own thing. Use props or toys and let your child play. Yoga wheels are always fun.

Bound Ankle Pose: Sit on the floor, bring your feet together and hold your ankles. Remember, 30-60 seconds might seem like a long time to our child, so counting, singing songs or saying ABC's may help.

Wind Release or Happy Baby Pose: Have your little one lie on his/her back and lift the legs. Make it a game and have him/her grab both knees and bring them close to the chest. You can even have him/her rock from side to side while holding the knees and counting to 30 or 60.
Tip: Kids like to copy. If they have a favorite toy like a doll or teddy bear, use that to help keep things interesting. Meddy Teddy is a great option to help make yoga fun for your little ones.


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