The Potent Power of Full Moon Rituals

The Potent Power of Full Moon Rituals

As spiritual beings on this Earth, we have a deep connection to nature and the energies surrounding us. Through full moon rituals and tantra yoga practices, you can deepen your relationship with the vibrations of the universe and access true healing.

What is a Full Moon Ritual? 

The full moon has a deep spiritual significance in cultures around the world. Nature and our bodies flow through cycles, and when we tune into the energies of these cycles, we can come into alignment with the universe and a higher power. Full moon rituals are a unique opportunity to pierce through this veil and access energy ordinarily unavailable to us.

What is Tantra Yoga? 

Tantra yoga, also known as tantric yoga, is a potent yoga practice that unleashes your consciousness, connects you with your innate energy, and ultimately allows you to access spiritual awakening. Although tantra is commonly associated with sex, this is actually a tiny part of this practice. Tantra yoga is about learning to use the energy in your body to access higher levels of awareness. 

These rich experiences will not only transform your own life, but you will have the tools to guide others through this healing process as well. Reach out to us for more information and to get started on your powerful journey of becoming a yoga teacher!


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